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Humo Místico

“¿Quién dice que el ámbar no se puede volver líquido y aparecer en los ojos de aquellos que miran surgir del incensario sagrado el humo de la bergamota y el sándalo?”


Laura Esquivel for IZAPA

Inspired by a mysterious journey, where the sacred aroma of burning copal incense transports us to a place of great cultural and spiritual richness.

The opulent aromas of white musk, bergamot and sandalwood combine with accents of bergamot, blackcurrant, and an unexpected note of pink pepper.

A vibrant fragrance like the mystic scenes from where it was conceived, translates into a pure and ethereal range, inspiring peace and positivity.

A​fter hours of wandering through the lush jungle, a village came into view. Small and robust, it was peacefully nestled next to a church. Some market stalls overflowed with bergamot and blood oranges, their vibrant colors a beacon in the falling night, others offered a myriad of spices, their perfume filling the deserted streets and weaving a spellbinding atmosphere.

The night breeze carried the faint sounds of chanting from the open windows of a colonial house. Entranced, I pushed through the heavy door, stepping onto a carpet of pine needles. Dim light emanated from a few candles scattered around the fountain and the wafting fragrance of incense and sandalwood permeated the air.

Bodies moved in unison, all eyes to the sky in an effort to become one with nature; their words transformed into a sacred language, an offering to the Gods of the forest.