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Jardín Rosado

“Olfato milagroso regrésame todas las rosas que me han acompañado en mis noches de amor para bañarme en ellas y vivir enamorada por siempre.”


Laura Esquivel for IZAPA

Jardin Rosado invites us to discover a journey to the fragrant fields of roses in bloom at sunset.

Rose, Peony and Gardenia, distinguished by their feminine subtlety, combine with notes of sensual musk and water lily for a unique olfactive experience.

Jardín Rosado is a delicate and floral range for the hands, body and home. Almost naive, it is feminine and nostalgic, depicting treasured moments of romance and sensuality.

I meandered along the rocky path, with no direction, no markers, on a quest to find my destination. I persevered, the burning desire to discover these legendary fields of flowers, so often reverently mentioned, pushing me forward. I could feel them there, so close that the perfume of roses and gardenias tickled my senses, beckoning me.

A rosy cloud enveloped me, reminiscent of the passionate love story which first drew me to this breathtaking country. I lost myself in the memory of a rose petal bath and the languid heat of the setting sun. Time may ebb, but the scent of that gorgeous night has left its indelible mark in my mind.

My goal was within reach, the colors of the evening light blanketed the fields, and my eyes devoured the spectacular view of the plethora of roses and peonies in countless shades of pink. I could wait no longer; I stepped into the field, lingering to caress the flowers as I passed. Once I reached its center, I reclined among the blossoms, gently lulled by the subtle fragrances as the setting sun illuminated the horizon.