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Naranja Blanca

“¿Quién le dio autorización a la naranja para oler a vainilla y alcanzarnos en pleno invierno con añoranzas de mandarina?”


Laura Esquivel for IZAPA

Naranja Blanca takes us on a journey to the rural orange groves of Papantla, where vanilla grows whimsically around each branch.

Orange and mandarin combine with the aromatic flowers of the frangipani trees that add depth to the fragrance, finishing with a touch of vanilla, orange blossom and a heady base of tonka bean.

The impossible becomes a dream-like reality for your hands, body and home with this line that is fresh, yet sensually unexpected with its sophisticated and complex notes.

Following the winding roads of the village, I came upon a small pyramid on the outskirts of the bustling Sunday market. The birds sweetly chirped from their perch among the frangipani branches and the sky was a deep blue, a perfect backdrop to the precise architectural lines I could not help but stop to admire.

Impervious to all this beauty, the sun continued its journey across the sky, its warm rays awakening everything they touched. Like the sun’s rays, the orange blossoms energized their surroundings with their invigorating perfume. An orange tree grove beckoned with its voluptuous fragrance tinged with underlying subtlety.

Setting down my belongings, I slowly approached, my senses drunk on the morning dew. I basked in the sweet scent of wild vanilla vines wrapped around the centuries-old trunks of the orange trees as if intent on marrying their fragrances to create a new fruit with a light yet captivating perfume.