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For IZAPA, the dialogue between cultures is the result of authentic encounters and exchange.

With European ‘savoir-faire’ and Anna’s experience in the world of beauty, IZAPA translates a vision of Mexico into a series of voyages across the most mystical destinations of the country, via a range of meticulously created products.

At the heart of the brand are unique fine fragrances, that give life to IZAPA’s range for the hands, body, and home. These fragrances take the customer on a sensorial journey, inspired by the stories and landscapes that evoke Anna’s encounters in Mexico.

The story of IZAPA recounts rich and colorful voyages, from the buzz of urban environments, via colonial beauties, across breathtaking landscapes, coast-to-coast from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.

Anna, the English founder and creator of IZAPA, discovered her passion for the industry of luxury beauty working for LVMH in London and later in various roles for CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty across a number of international markets.

Now based in Mexico City she dedicates all her passion and energy to IZAPA, her own beauty and lifestyle creation.


IZAPA is a hedonistic brand and also socially responsible. Izapa opens the dialogue between the consumer and local communities, through its sustained commitment to various philanthropic causes. Our brand is involved with organizations that promote the professionalization of artisanal work for the benefit of the communities to which artisans belong.

Our promise as a brand is the donation of a portion of our sales. One of the foundations we are passionate about is called Huellas que Trascienden. Huellas que Trascienden is a foundation created by Mauricio Raigosa, who on a trip to Chiapas became amazed with “a magical place, full of culture, traditions and a unique energy”. Throughout his trip, he noticed the poverty level in which many people live and that a large part of the workers were women of the region.

What do they do?

Huellas que Trascienden gives indigenous women of Chiapas the opportunity to use their talent in an innovative and comprehensive way to combat poverty and obtain income for their households. Together with Huellas que Trascienden, women receive a business workshop, project follow-up and, support with product sales, with the purpose to improve the lives of women in Chiapas.

The result:

The amazing transformation of women becoming entrepreneurs and productive assets to their society, who manage to improve the condition of their lives. Together they manage to turn talent into income in the means of breaking the vicious cycle of poverty, and transform Mexico in a positive way.